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Sla 3d printer diy | Overview

3D Printer UV Resin Curing Light for SLA/DLP 3D Printer Solidify Photosensitive Resin 405nm UV Resin with 6W Output Affect, DIY Curing Enclosue
  • The UV LED lamp uses 6 high-power 405nm UV LEDs to quickly cure 405nm UV resin prints, allowing objects to be cured efficiently, using less time than usual.
  • The resin can cure in 10-15 seconds from a distance of 5 cm from the light, but thicker parts require more time.
  • The lamp can be used in DIY curing packages or handheld applications.
  • Due to the strong ultraviolet light output, please use eye protection when using this light.
  • Uses: UV curing, resin curing (SLA DLP print curing).
AnKun 405nm UV Resin Curing Light with 20W Output Accelerated Solidify for SLA/DLP/LCD 3D Printer, Photosensitive Resin Curing Lamp with Solar Turntable for DIY 3D Printing UV Post-cure Box/Enclosure
  • Super adequate for all your 405nm Photosensitive Resin needs! AnKun UV LED Light with 20 high power 405nm UV LED, can simplifies the process of post curing resin 3d prints so much easier and efficient.For the more advance hobbyist or the professional, this resin curing light for resin 3d printer will speed up more work.
  • Very simple, very easy-to-use resin 3d printer UV light. Just plug it in, and you're ready to go. There's a nice in-line switch for convinienct to turn the light on and off. Perfect for homemade resin 3d printing UV curing chamber !
  • Within 5cm to the light, the resin can be cured in 8-15 seconds, the thicker parts need more time. Due to the strong ultraviolet light output, please use eye protection when using this light.
  • This UV curing lamp for UV resin printing has cold light source, low heat generation, no damage to the surface of the illuminated object.
  • Comes with a free 360°rotating solar turntable. It avoids the un-even curing and make your prints even more beatiful. The solar turntable uses power from UV lighting /nature solar Power/fluorescent lighting and also batteries.Very practical and convenient
3D Printer UV Resin Curing Light for SLA DLP,【2020 Upgraded】USB Powered Solidify Photosensitive Resin Lamp, 10W 16 LED Beads, 405nm UV Resin Light for DIY Curing Enclosure
  • 【High Power & More LED Beads】The UV LED lamp uses 16 10W high-power 405nm UV LED beads to quickly cure 405nm UV resin prints, allowing objects to be cured efficiently within less time.
  • 【Faster Curing & High Transmitting】The resin usually can cure in 10-15 seconds from a distance of 5 cm from the light, but thicker parts require more time. Made of high-intensity light-transmitting tempered glass, light transmission over 90%. Light is uniform and transparent, not easy to break.
  • 【Wide Applications & Energy Saving】The Aluminum UV resin light can be used in DIY curing packages or handheld applications. 3D Printer photosensitive accessories, ideal for SLA DLP 3D Printer solidify. LED UV lamp 1W is equal to traditional 10W brightness, power consumption is only one-tenth of the traditional UV lamp, does not contain mercury, environmentally friendly.
  • 【Upgraded USB Powered UV LED Lamp】USB power supply, replacing the traditional plug power supply. USB powered device, such as computer, laptops, mobile power, mobile phone chargers, can be the power source, make it more convenient to use.
  • 【Warm Notice】Due to the strong ultraviolet light output, you'd better use eye protection when using this light. But please don't worry, as long as you don't look directly for too long or contact the exposed skin for a long time, the damage can be ignored!
LCD 3D Printer, Sparkmaker SLA 3D Resin Printer UV Photocuring with Fully-assembled, Ultra Precision, Fast Slicing & Free SD Card, One-button Operation & Off-line Printing Easy-to-level DIY Printer
  • [SLA 3D Resin Printer for Precise Printing] - Solid built and industry-grade Z-axis linear guide is easy to level, allowed to print at 100 micrometer XY resolution and up to 20 micrometer Z layer thickness, ensuring a higher resolution and stability but avoiding wavy lines during printing. Unlike most FDM SLA LCD 3D printer, 24 UV LED light sources inside are uniformly distributed in each parallel panel, which delivers more evenly radiation so that print out a better-shaped and preciser model.
  • [One-click Operation & Fully Assembled] - This family-friendly mini desktop SLA 3D printer is almost fully assembled, best choice for hobbyist, beginners and professionals or as a Halloween Christmas gift. Printing platform, leveling device, resin tank and slicing software are already set up, you can get started right out of the box. One click of the button to start, pause or stop as you required, so that you can operate it flexibly and worry free with this easy-to-use LCD 3D printer.
  • [Professional Slicing Software & Off-line Printing] – This UV photocuring 3D resin printer is compatible with the built-in fastest slicer - ChiTuBox slicing software, which supports Mac, Windows, and Linux system. Relevant test files, preloaded models, software, guide videos are included in SD card to finish slicing instantly. Without connection problem, it will realize off-line printing and produce highly detailed & much smoother objects in an excellent ventilation and quite printing status.
  • [Multiple & High-end Resin Material] - SparkMaker photosensitive resin features standout rigidity, elasticity, hardness, super clear while they show great performance in kids education and family entertainment, industrial & medical parts modeling. We have adopted imported photoinitiator so it has stable color paste and helps model shape up faster and preciser with less smell producing. The durable all metal resin tank is removable and easy to clean, which also can avoid resin leakage.
  • [Buy with Full Confidence] - Inspired by the advanced ergonomic technology, our professional R&D team with innovative experts is committed to designing this high quality, yet affordable SparkMaker 3D resin printer kit. Rest assured that we have one year warranty (LCD, light board & resin tank within 2-month, FEP film excluded) & UL certified for your safety. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via [email protected] to get reliable 24/7 after-sale service.
ELEGOO MARS UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer with 3.5" Smart Touch Color Screen Off-line Print 4.53"(L) x 2.56"(W) x 5.9"(H) Printing Size-Black
  • 【Smart and Fast Slicing Software】ELEGOO Mars comes with the latest version of CHITUBOX Slicing Software which gives you extraordinary user experience. CHITUBOX takes only 1 minute to slice 30Mb .stl model files while the open-sourced slicing software would take up to 10minutes.
  • 【Resin saving and Better Printing】CHITUBOX allows you to hollow out your model before slicing which could save your resin dramatically during photocuring process. Equiped with 40W UV lights and using ELEGOO resin, you can get a better pritning result.
  • 【Smart and Convenient】3.5'' inch color touch screen equipped with the latest ELEGOO ChiTu 5.0 system makes it very easy for off-line printing. The build platform with steel ball balancing structure inside allows you to start printing within 5 minutes after assembly.
  • 【High Precision and Resolution】ELEGOO Mars uses a 2560x1440 2K HD masking LCD as to provide accurate printing with XY axis resolution of 0.00185inches / 0.047mm
  • 【Warranty and Service】We provide total one-year machine warranty, and 3 month warranty for FEP and 2K LCD (consumable parts). If you have any questions regarding product operation or software please feel free to contact us. Have a look at the video of the introducing of our MARS here: and other helpful videos from our channel:

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Best Sla 3d printer diy

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Sla 3d printer diy | Where to buy?

If you are asking yourself where to buy Sla 3d printer diy? Buy online or directly in a shop?

  1. Online The advantages of online stores are the immediate availability of Sla 3d printer diy, you can receive the products directly at home by courier (sometimes even without shipping costs). Online you can also consult the technical sheets that show the details and read the opinions of the users who have tried it.
  2. Physical Store In a physical store instead you can try the product with your own hands, you can directly see Sla 3d printer diy and how it works and therefore have a clear idea on the purchase you are going to make. In some cases you can receive information from the experts in the store and then evaluate further information and features. We can basically say that buy online means savings. Most of the time online shops sells at higher prices.

Sla 3d printer diy may be available or on arrival, only in some cases it will no longer be available; it suffice to read the details of the product card to see if it will return for sale soon.

The advantage of Amazon is that of be able to count on Prime , the service that reduces costs making shipping free in many cases.

Ebay on the other hand can rely on the guarantee of those who choose paypal as a payment method and different ads from Sla 3d printer diy used.

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Sla 3d printer diy | Similar Products

Depending on your needs and brand preferences, there are several interesting alternative products or similar products that can perform the same function within certain limits.

By reading the reviews and opinions of these products you can understand if they can actually be a choice to consider as an alternative to Sla 3d printer diy.

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